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This is the Think 3D Page of Links, if anyone of this links is uncorrect please send a mail to Terenziani Gianluca
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Raytracing Software

Name Brief Description Type
POVRAY POVRAY is one of the most used ray tracing software over the net. It include most of the powerful function for a raytracing software: 
  • CSG support
  • Blob (metaball)
  • Bicubic patch
  • Height field
  • Mesh
  • Polygon
  • Prism
  • Superquadric Ellipsoid
  • Surface of Revolution
  • Text (support of True type font)
  • Torus
  • Advanced Texture definition
  • Halo
  • Sky
  • Fog
  • Rainbow
  • Advanced Tracing Settings
  • Radiosity
  • Powerful set of Language Directives
  • And more other.
If you want a good software, Try It
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Name Brief Description Type
sPatch sPatch is a Powerful bezier patch modeller. 
It can Save the work in his format but it can also export it in VRML, DXF and POVRAY format. 
This software have a lot of good feature but it's also very easy to use. 
Features of sPatch include : 
  • Easy Adding, Removing, Selecting and Manipulating points tools
  • Extrude
  • Lathe
  • Layer Work
  • Easy Interface
  • 3D Phong (i think) Real time Preview
  • And more other.
A Must Have Software, thanks Mike Clifton !
PovSB PovSB is a Good and Easy to use Modeller under Win 95 that can export to POV File Format. 
Supported Objects 
  • Sphere
  • Box
  • Plane
  • Cone
  • Cylinder
  • Torus
  • Bezier Patch
  • Height Field
  • Blobs
  • Lathe
  • CSG Objects
Features also include : 
  • Four view of scene using - 3 ISO views, 1 Camera
  • RAW- Flat or smooth output to PoV format. 
  • RAW groups individually read in. 
  • DXF- Polylines extruded/beveled-3D Text.
  • TTF- True Type Fonts can be extruded/beveled. 
  • Lights- Point, Spot , and Area Lights
  • Multiple Layers Textures- 
  • Rendering from within PoVSB. 
  • Bounding boxes (Much faster) 
  • Duplicate Objects
If you are working under win 95, Try It
Shareware ?
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Name Brief Description Type
AXEM Textures 840 free textures !!!! 
Large number of free tileable images classified
Texture Magic Site Brief say : 
The Texture Magic is software designed to aid users in creating photo-realistic and special effects textures for 
ray tracing (Persistence of Vision), 3D graphics packages (Autodesk 3D-Studio, Asymetrix 3D F/X, etc.), 
and WEB pages. 
This software support many features and it's useful to make good textures for POV.  
Shareware version, free for 60 day evaluation period. 
Registration fee is $20(US)
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Utility and POV Plug Ins

Name Brief Description Type
The PILE This is an incredible large collection of categorized  Plug Ins for POV. All this files (I think) are freeware, there is various category : 
  • Animation
  • Abstract Code
  • Geometric Objects
  • Organic Objects
  • Special Effects
  • And other
If you are a POV user you must have this link in your Bookmarks !
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